How to use RooBot Money

How to use RooBot Money app

How to use RooBot Money app

1- Log in and register for the program

* The program needs an e-mail registered on your mobile phone. It does not need anything else
All you have to do is press Singin with google

Log in and register for the program

2- Usage and points collection started

You can collect points in two ways:
1- By completing some tasks
2- By viewing some videos, their duration does not exceed 30 seconds
To collect points by completing tasks, click on get points, and choose an offer from the offers. There are two types of offers
1- Downloading applications or games and reaching a certain level
2- It consists of completing an opinion poll

Collect points by completing missions

* To collect points by watching the videos, press point +1 or show ad
All you have to do is wait for the video to finish

Collect points by watching videos

3- Claiming your prizes or buying money for points

Press ≡, then click on Rewards, then choose the type of prize you want
There are 5 withdrawal methods and more will be added soon
2-Free Fire
3-Conquer Online
4- Paypal
5- Google Play

4- Withdrawal method for PUBG and Free Fire

1- You will choose the required amount of tensioners or gems
2- Enter the ID of your account and you will click on Get

Choose the required quantity

5- Withdrawal method for Paypal and Google Play Card

1-Choose the required amount
2- Enter your email address paypal or google
3- Click Get

Choose the required amount

6- Withdrawal method via Conquer Online

1- Choose the quantity you want
2- Choose the game version (Arabic / English / Spanish / Chinese / Phones version)
3- Choose on any server you want your prize
4- Enter the username of your account on which you want your prize

Choose the quantity you want

7- Download the application

  • Downloadable for Samsung phones only                                  
  • Download Now
  • For download from uptodown                                                          Download Now